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INDUSTRIA 12 t, FEM/ISO 1Am/M4 - 4 m/min, low voltage control with 1 speed

INDUSTRIA 12 t, FEM/ISO 1Am/M4 - 4 m/min, low voltage control with 1 speed

Electric winch 12000 kg. Range of electric winches initially designed to satisfy the needs of the industrial sector.


  • All lifting or pulling/hauling applications
  • Industry
  • Building and public works
  • Integration into cranes...
  • Pulling/hauling of heavy loads
  • Conveyor belt tensioning
  • Opening hatches
  • Lifting sluice gates
  • Stage industry...

Comply with Machines Directive 2006/42/EC and standard NF 14492-1.

  • Robust and highly compact.
  • Vertical mounting possible.
  • 400 V - 50 Hz three-phase brake motor.  IP 55 Protection. Other voltage or frequencies optional. P = 9.2 kW. 
  • Motor position: horizontal (possibility of vertical on request).
  • The low voltage control protects the user from electrical risks. It makes it possible to operate a wide range of options: from limit switch to radio control, including a load limiter and a rope slack switch...
  • The tie-rods are mobile according to the rope outlet.
  • FEM/ISO 1Am/M4 classification.
  • Anti-escape system for the rope.
  • Reduced space between the tie-rod and the drum.
  • Rope-press roller and rope slack switch incorporated under the upper tie-rod (incorporation into the tie-rod as an option.
  • Reliable electric and electronic components.
  • Limit switch obligatory when lifting and from 1000 kg, load limiter.
  • Sealed electrical unit on the winch consisting on: contactors, 24 V transformers, thermal circuit breaker, disconnectable pendant control with 3 m of cable.
  • Reduced-maintenance planetary reduction gears.
  • Numerous rope outlet possibilities.
  • Options available: rope-press roller, grooved drum, specific paint, phases detector, lower chassis, timer, tarpauline cover...

Applications :

treuil electrique industria 19Lifting of a hospital waste bin in a recycling center.
treuil electrique industria 18Lifting of thick sheets used to close a burst pit. (credit: CETIM).
treuil electrique industria 8Handling of boxes on a production line.
treuil electrique industria 9Scaffolding manoeuvre.
treuil electrique industria 10Supplying of material on a construction site.
treuil electrique industria 12Lifting sluice gates (special paint as option)
treuil electrique industria 14Lifting of spare parts during maintenance operation.
treuil electrique industria 15Releasing counterweights before maintenance.

Technical characteristics INDUSTRIA 12 t, FEM/ISO 1Am/M4 - 4 m/min, low voltage control with 1 speed

Capacity 1st layer kg14750
Capacity top layer kg12000
Nb of layers3
Wire rope cap. 1st layer m19
Max. rope capacity m75
Wire rope Ø mm28
Fixed speed 1st layer m/min3,2
Fixed speed top layer m/min4
Motor kW9,2
Weight (without wire rope) kg1700


Electronic load limiter

This device stops the winch in the event of an overload without the breakag of the kinematic chain.
Compulsory when lifting loads over 1000 kg (Directive 2006/42/EC) in order to avoid rope breakage, structure deformation and accidents due to problems caused by overloading.

Clock-type limit switch
Clock-type limit switch

Clock-type limit switch specially designed by HUCHEZ with two positions.
This system is easy to adjust and guarantees safety by preventing upper and lower overruns.

Cam-type limit switch
Cam-type limit switch

Limit switch with 2, 4, 6 or 8 possible positions. IP 65. Coder option also proposed.

Grooved drum

This option facilitates correct winding of the first rope layer. It is essential for a two-way system.

Secondary break
Frein secondaire

Compulsory in theatre applications (here with a cam limit switch).

Brake release
Déblocage du frein

This device enables manual emergency operation. The releasable drum is required to unwind the rope manually.

Emergency trouble shooting hand wheel
Emergency trouble shooting hand wheel

Combined with a brake release lever, it allows the load to be lowered or positioned with precision manually.

Rope-press roller

It enables the rope to be neatly wound on the the drum. This is the essential complement to the grooved drum used for a single winding layer or if the rope is not constant ly taut (empty winding through traction).
Not advisable if the rope is wound on several layers.
Mandatory with a back and forth system.

Rope slack switch

This automatically stops the winch from unwinding when the rope is not taut, for example during lowering when an obstacle is blocking the load or in tension.

Additional rope clamp

Allows you to lift a load using several ropes, lift several loads or make a two-way system.

Multirope grooved drum

For lifting or pulling a load with different fixing positions.
Widely used for thetre applications.

Additional flange drum

Allows several layers to be wound with two ropes.

Lower chassis

Fastened to the ground to allow easier installation and handling.

Chassis for telescopic arm loaders

The bottom frame allows easy handling thanks to two holes dedicated to the forks of these loaders.

Tubular protection

Specially designed for construction sites and public works. The ideal complement for the lower chassis.

Hauling radio control

Hauling only.

Range of 100 m in open areas. Frequency 2.4 GHz. IP 65.

Possible option : protective cover. Available as a long distance version (500 m in open areas).

Adjustable speed drive hauling radio control

Hauling only. Adjustable speed drive version.

Range of 100 m in open areas. Frequency 2.4 GHz. IP 65.

Possible option : protective cover. Available as a long distance version (500 m in open areas).

Lifting radio control

SIL3/PLe safety level. Range of 400 m in open areas.

Frequency 433 MHz. IP 65. Lithium-ion battery.

Possible options: information returned on screen, frequency 2.4 GHz. Available in proportional adjustable speed drive version...

Proportional adjustable speed drive lifting radio control for INDUSTRIA

SIL3/PLe safety level. Range of 400 m in open areas.

IP 66. Lithium-ion battery.

Proportional buttons for adjustable speed drive management and a display for information.

Tarpauline cover

Custom made. Consult us.

Special paint

Certified type C5M: for marine/offshore use.

Type C4: for use on rugged environment.

Phases detector

Avoids reversal between the up and down directions when connecting the winch. This option is standard with the work site option.

IP 65 protection

Engine brake, external electrical unit, cam type limit switch.

HUCHEZ’s advice

These compact winches satisfy the needs of the industrial sector. Mobile tie-rods according to the rope outlet. Numerous options available.