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PRIMO INOX stainless steel version 990 kg

PRIMO INOX stainless steel version 990 kg

  • Range of electric winches designed for simple lifting and pulling applications in a corrosive environment.

  • Very low voltage control ensuring user protection against electric risks.
  • Rigid stainless steel aluminium structure (316 L).
  • Up­-down pendant control with emergency stop, cable 3 m long.
  • Three-phase motor brake 230 /400 V - 50 Hz lifting type, P = 0.75 kW. Isolation class F. IP 66.
  • Reducer in oil bath with helical gears.
  • Mechanically welded drum with wide flanges allowing a secure fastening of the wire rope.
  • Limit switches included (IP 66/67).
  • Rope-press roller and grooved drum as optional equipment.

Technical characteristics PRIMO INOX stainless steel version 990 kg

Capacity 1st layer kg990
Capacity top layer kg990
Nb of layers3
Wire rope cap. 1st layer m11
Wire rope cap. top layer m
Wire rope Ø mm10
Motor kW1,1
Power3 Ph - 230/400 V
Weight (without cable) kg90
Speed top layer m/mn5,2
Speed 1st layer m/mn4
Wire rope cap. on sup. layer m42


Grooved drum

This option facilitates correct winding of the first rope layer. It is essential for a two-way system.

Rope-press roller

It enables the rope to be neatly wound on the the drum. This is the essential complement to the grooved drum used for a single winding layer or if the rope is not constant ly taut (empty winding through traction).
Not advisable if the rope is wound on several layers.
Mandatory with a back and forth system.

Rope slack switch

This automatically stops the winch from unwinding when the rope is not taut, for example during lowering when an obstacle is blocking the load or in tension.