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Engineering, construction and public works

The public sector construction is one of the first economic activity fields.

Building construction, structural work, quarries, infrastructures such as roads or piping/canalization or road networks... permanently require the use of lifting equipments, to pull or lift a load.

We are here to listen to you and to study the most appropriate solution to your problematic.

Umbilical winch for drones

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This winch is used to manage the umbilical cable of a drone: power (550 V) and communications (OF). To perform this function, the winch provides a tension of approximately 1 daN in the umbilical cable connected to the drone in flight.

Technical characteristics

Capacity: adjustable from 0.5 to 3 daN (500 g to 3 kg), maximum pursuit speed: adjustable from 0 to 900 m/min. The winch is operated independently and has a detachable pendant control that can be used for maintenance. The umbilical cable is composed of 4 cables for powering the drone and an optical fiber cable for comunications (control and video). The winch is equipped with a cable guide, an anti-expansion system, over-travel sensors and a return collector (optical fibre and electric cables).

20 t lifting winch

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Technical characteristics

Equipped with 4 motor reducers, this 20 tons capacity lifting winch can wind 1400 meters of wire rope (diameter 32 mm). Capacity : 20 tons in lifting on the last layer, speed : 5 m/mn.

Gravity winch and load arrester winch 600 kg on 1000 m

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Site winches for working in pen-stocks. The set is made of a lifting winch, a load arrester winch and a winch simulating gravity.

Technical characteristics

SWL: 600 kg, speed 14 m/min, useful wire rope length of the 3 winches: 1000m.

Gantry crane for glass laying

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This gantry crane, equipped with a winch, has especially been designed to lay glass from the inside of the building. This set is foldable and telescopic to fit in a building site lift.

Technical characteristics

SWL: 250 kg, speed: 5 m/mn, power: 230 V single phase via an inverter.