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Hand winches
In this case, lifting or pulling/hauling operations of heavy loads need a manual human effort on a crank handle (or a hand wheel) located on the side or on the front of the winch.
Electric winches
Electric winches allow the lifting or pulling of larger loads because they are not subject to human force. They are therefore more powerful, save time and are more comfortable for the user.
Petrol and diesel winches
Autonomous, these winches (petrol or diesel engine) are popular for all pulling/hauling applications where power is not or not easily available (on construction site for TS/TD winches, in the forest for FORESTBOX winches...). Equipment and options: consult us.
Hydraulic winches
Hydraulic winches complied with Machines Directive 2006/42/EC. Don't hesitate to consult our sales team for all your projects! On motorised winches are compulsory in lifting: emergency stop and limit switch as well as a load limiter for loads of more than 1000 kg.
Vehicle winches
Vehicle winches are used for pulling/hauling operations of various loads : trailers, quad, 4 x 4 , mower tractor…. Very easy to use, they are generally installed on the battery of an all-terrain vehicle (4x4, quad…) but also on professional vehicles (tow trucks, fire trucks…) for the recovery and rescue of other vehicles.
Hoists - Lifting beams
A hoist is a lifting equipment for heavy lifting with less or no physical effort as it is manual or electric.
Jib cranes - Gantry cranes
These individualized handling and lifting equipment are today indispensable on the workstations. Economic, compact, they allow you to move easily and efficiently all types of loads in a workshop (mechanics...).
Site lifting
Equipments for site lifting respond to multiple applications in the building (lifting of materials, indoor and outdoor, construction of new buildings and renovation…).
Personnel lifting
Personnel lifting requires the use of a material adapted and certified for this type of application. Our machines comply with the Machines Directive 2006/42/EC and approved by the APAVE providing the security necessary for personnel lifting.
Motor driven reels
Motor driven reels can pick up electrical or hydraulic cables to store them.
Jacks - Ratchet jacks
A large range of jacks: cable reel jacks, screw jacks and rack jacks... from 500 kg to 20 t.
Ropes - Hooks - Accessories
A large range of hooks, wire and textile ropes, accessories (pulleys, counterweights...). Feel free to contact us!